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Fly In Fishing trips in are some of the most spectacular fishing experiences with the backdrop of the beautiful scenic locations. For those who love fishing and angling , fly in fishing trips in the US and Canada are a must for a once in a lifetime fishing vacation. This is simply because the remote water systems provide the world’s best fishing habitat and opportunities that you can possibly have.  Especially in the north, fishing is exotic and is unparalleled on the continent. The quick moving waters, amazing precambrian rock structures, and deep, cold lakes make the perfect setting for an outdoor fishing experience, making fishing trips in northern Canada quite popular among anglers and vacationers.

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Fly In Fishing Lodges

For those who are going to do fishing trips in Canada for some serious angling, there are lots of fishing locations across the country. There are great fresh water fishing opportunities especially in the lakes and rivers of Quebec and Ontario and all the way to British Columbia. Whichever place you choose on your fishing trip to Canada, you are bound to face strong battles from the bounty of fish that are found in these areas.

British Columbia is one of the most preferred destination for those on their fishing trips to Canada, as it offers the most remarkable salmon and trout fishing experience not to be found anywhere else in the world. Fly anglers from across the world on their Canada fishing vacation gather in this province specifically for salmon and trout fishing. Just imagine yourself on the scenic mountain region, standing amidst the slow moving, gushing waters that are full of fish to be caught. British Columbia is bound to test your fishing skills and offers a unique and unforgettable fishing experience.

On your fishing trip in Canada, if you want to go fishing towards the east, the Canadian Prairie Provinces are the best options available. They are more than mere prairie. There is a vast Canadian Shield stretching from Alberta into Saskatchewan and to Manitoba. This region has lots and lots of lakes. If you love fishing, just the thought of getting tucked deep into the Canadian Shield - where there will be nothing else other than your lodge and fishing. This province entices its visitors to come here again and again, year after year.


If you go even further eastwards on your fishing trip in eastern Canada, there is Quebec and Ontario, which offer you fresh water fishing opportunities. To choose between the two destinations for fishing is a pretty tough call. Ontario has tons of lakes and a larger variety of fish than anywhere else in Canada. There are walleye, muskie and pikes and many, many more. You will not be disappointed fishing in Quebec, Ontario ore anywhere else in Canada!

Imagine yourself in Alaska, far from the urban sprawl of everyday life, standing in a clear, crisp river that's loaded to the brim with trophy salmon and robust, beautiful arctic char. All around you is the pure, clean wild's of Alaska, and no one to disrupt the panorama, and no one to disturb your concentration as you attempt to land "the big one".

Every angler and fisherman dreams of the time he or she can make the pilgrimage to the legendary Alaska Salmon Fishing Mecca. Experienceing your dream doesn't have to wait any longer. It's actually much more cost effective than you realize. There are many Alaska Salmon Fishing packages available that are designed to fit just almost any budget.